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OneMinute Film & Videofestival Aarau | Aarau
Out Takes - Lesbian and Gay Film Festival | Auckland, then peripatetic
Outhouse Film and Video Festival | Baton Rouge
Oska Bright Film Festival | Brighton
Oekomedia International Environmental Film Festival | Freiburg
Outsiders Liverpool Lesbian and Gay Film Festival | Liverpool
onedotzero | London
Optronica | London
Outfest - The Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Film Festival | Los Angeles
Oberhausen International Short Film Festival | Oberhausen
Odense International Film Festival | Odense
Oeiras Image Festival | Oeiras
Oldenburg International Film Festival | Oldenburg
Omaha Film Festival | Omaha
Osaka European Film Festival | Osaka
Ottawa International Animation Festival | Ottawa
Ourense International Independent Film Festival | Ourense
Ovarvideo - Video Festival of Ovar | Ovar
Oxdox International Documentary Film Festival | Oxford
One World - International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival | Praga
Olympia International Film Festival for Children and Young People | Pyrgos
Ohne Kohle international independent VideoFilmfestival | Vienna
Open Air Film Fest | Weiterstadt
One Take Film Festival | Zagreb

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